St. John's Nursery/Primary School Kihihi is a reality!

Yes it's true.   Opening day is coming for St. John's Nursery/Primary School Kihihi, the beginning of the February school term!  This school has 10 classrooms and two offices. See the pictures below.  The villagers made the bricks and helped in the construction.  Doors, windows and the roof are all metal.  The finished bricks have been whitewashed and desks for 320 students have been made and installed.  

Thanks to all the many friends of our fund and especially two extremely generous anonymous donors, who sent funds to make this happen.  The children will be so excited to come to this building. I am overwhelmed with the love your donations represent.

St. John's Nursery/Primary School Jan 2018

Our Lady Mother of the Church in Nyamwegabria, Uganda

Father sends Christmas Greetings to all our friends out in web land.  He spent most of last night stuck on a very dark road, as the car broke down that was taking him to visit a sick person and anoint them.  He did get there before morning. "There is always someone to help in these situations" .   All day today he was visiting small villages to hear confessions and bring Mass to those in the outlying small villages of the jungle in his parish.  Note Father's time is 12 hours ahead of time on the west coast in the USA.  

On this Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, please pray for all the priests and the huge number of parishioners (30,000) in their parish family.

Here is a picture of the main church:  Our Lady Mother of the Church in Nyamwegabria.  

Our Lady Mother of the Church Parish Church Nyamwegabira Parish.jpg
Parish Shrine of Blessed Mother Mary

Parish Shrine of Blessed Mother Mary

Father Justus Has Arrived

Fr. Justus has finally arrived at Our Lady Mother of the Church Parish. He will be installed as Pastor on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017. He feels very blessed to have such a wonderful posting. Father has already started the school. The foundation has been cleared and the community has already begun making bricks.