Our Mission

As members of the Catholic Church, we understand that our wellbeing is directly related to the most vulnerable among us, no matter the distance. It is because of this belief that we, in Christian Charity, hope to provide an education and an improved life for orphaned and needy young people of the Catholic Diocese of Kabale, Uganda.

Building schools is only the first step in helping these children. With the realization that the first years of a child’s life greatly impacts his or her future, it is vital we provide children with adequate nutrition and basic healthcare along with safe housing in a healthy environment for them to thrive. Through donations and fund raising, the Kabale Education Fund strives meet those needs.

Father Justus has asked us to help with these challenges. He loves his people and wishes to ensure a healthy and prosperous future for them. Can we do less?

Listen, my beloved brothers. Did God not choose those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom that he promised to those who love him?
— James 2:5 New American Bible

What We've Achieved

  • ST. JOHN NURSERY & PRIMARY SCHOOL in Rushoroza-Kabale

The fund constructed 4 classrooms, an office and pit latrine.


We completed an advanced studies building. Secured a local water source and (along with donations from Our Lady of the Sea Church in Bremerton, Washington) installed above ground water tanks to provide the first clean water source to the area. Purchased a generator to provide light for evening classes.


Constructed 7 classrooms with concrete floors.  Purchased five acres of land adjacent to the school to teach students farming techniques and provide crops to the locals.


Dormitories were built providing live-in accommodations for 42 girls & 42 boys.Constructed 4 classrooms, an office and a boys dormitory.

  • ST. PAUL’S MINOR SEMINARY IN Rushoroza-Kabale

Constructed a computer lab and library.

The true measure of success for the Kabale Education Fund is best demonstrated by the students themselves. These young people have finished high school and gone on to college and universities. 

  • Arinaitwe Godfrey: Post Graduate Degree in Civil Engineering

  • Nyabutono Doreen: Certificate in Nursing

  • Katushabe Bernadatte: Certificate in Nursing

  • Davis Kiiza: Certificate in Construction from a Technical School

  • Kemigisha Elizabeth: Degree in Pharmacy

  • Turyomurugyendo Soul: Diploma in Accounting Uganda College of Commerce

  • Orishaba Davis: Degree in Engineering Makerere University

  • Orishaba Mary: Primary Teaching Certificate

  • Agaba Reminah: Degree in Computer Science Uganda Martyrs University

  • Tumukurate Evelyne: St. Theresa Girls Secondary School

  • Kemigisha Catherine: St.Paul’s Secondry School Bukinda

  • Akandwanaho Anitah: Immaculate Heart Girls School Nyakibale

  • Byamukama Bruno: St. Mary’s Secondry School Rushoroza

  • Kamugisha Francis: Computer Science Rathinam University India

    (Full Scholarship from University)

  • Ashaba Josephat: Business Administration: Rathinam University India 

    (Full Scholarship from University)

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