The Kabale Education fund's current needs.

You can make a difference. 


Building schools

Every dollar donated using this link will be used to buy materials and construct schools. In Nyamwegabira, the school building is inadequate and poorly constructed. Thanks to generous donations from friends in the United States, Fr. Justus will be able to start work on a new school when he arrives at Our Lady Mother of the Church.

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Many children have no financial support. Families may struggle to feed their children much less pay for basic school supplies or contribute to tuition. This often leaves teachers unpaid. Can you imagine our teachers working without pay? A child can be educated for $25 a month which includes food, school supplies, uniforms and teacher salaries.

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Purchase livestock

The most common animals purchased are pigs and goats. These animals are used as a source of income as well as food. They can help lift the children’s families out of poverty. All the food for the children’s meals come from the local area. So what helps the families, benefits the children. Some of the schools have room for raising livestock which is a valuable source of protein for the students and teaches essential skills. Every donation here will be used to purchase livestock for the local school and village.

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Your prayers do make a difference, so please continue to pray for Fr. Justus and the other priests in Uganda. No donation is too small.

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